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We are passionate about adding value to your business by ensuring you have the best service for your computers; reporting all activities that could potentially compromise the functionality of your PC’s. Our commitment is to provide reliable and dependable back up system to get you back up and running in minutes, in the event of any disaster, threat or malware spread. We understand that business cannot afford to be offline, even for a moment. We go the extra mile to ensure your data is backed up and ready to go on time.

Our Services

Disaster Recovery

We are committed to going well beyond general backup protocol to ensure all your key data and information is protected. Every organization has individual priorities and compliance needs; that is why we ensure the recovery process is customized to suit your organization’s priorities, needs and strategic objectives. Our priority is to be there with you in every step you take to improve and expand your organization. Your success is our success.

Managed IT Services

As we have seen with the impact of COVID-19, Technology can make or break the productivity of your employees, operation and livelihood . When technology is up and running, your employees achieve their set individual targets and that of the organization. Our managed service is positioned to analyze your current technology situation and provide the best suited options for successful day to day operation and long term growth of your business. We offer a detailed roadmap to help improve and secure every aspect of your company's network. We provide training for employees to consolidate the security parameters in order to guide against any outside threat. Further, we monitor your technology infrastructure 24/7 for any signs of an intruder, addressing it efficiently and effectively while keeping you informed on how to mitigate against future occurrences.

Support Consulting

We run diagnostic report virtually on our clients PC's to ensure that we can nip every issue in the bud in order to maintain a smooth running of your business. We also keep an eye on the latest technology in the market and make appropriate recommendations depending on the type and class of your business.

Cloud Desktop

Technology has changed how data is being handled in today's world. Our reliable cloud support is there to help store sensitive data and also have a solid back up to make data retrieval as smooth as possible.

Network Solutions

A slow network is not only frustrating, it leads to reduced productivity. We ensure that your connection is up and running, scalable, reliable and secure.



"We have been an active customer of Redpoll Computer Consulting for many years.  We’ve called Doug with several emergencies over the years & he’s always immediately come to our rescue & fixed our problem.  He’s helped us with everything from programming, networking, software, hardware, and everything in between.  He’s reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his customers.  We would highly recommend his services."


Angie Kainola, CPA, HBComm


Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited

604 Highway 2

Elmsdale, NS   B2S 1A7


Services are provided by seasoned professionals

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  • Network system administration

  • Network monitoring

  • Training

  • Support desk

  • Policy implementation

  • Software installation

  • Computer maintenance


  • Computers and peripherals

  • Servers

  • Network hardware

  • Security software

  • Productivity software


  • Engineering firms

  • Pharmacies

  • Medical offices

  • Manufacturers

  • Retail stores and chains

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